Susan Alexandra

"I am fascinated by personal style. Just as a novel, a poem or a painting reflects the artist, fashion shows us the artist within." 

New York based Susan Alexandra was raised in the Midwest. When she was seven, Susan scored her first copy of Vogue. "The cover was Shalom Harlow and Amber Valletta in Issac Mizrahi ballgowns- bright purple and pink cream puffs! I was completely enthralled. I wanted to be part of that magical world."

After obtaining her degree in fashion and marketing, Susan studied in the Second City under fashion doyenne Ikram Goldman. In New York Susan has worked at Jean Paul Gaultier, Interview Magazine and Jill Platner. 

Her style is lush, romantic, whimsical, humorous and informed by sharp juxtapositions. " I love combining highs and lows. The diamonds with the Jordans, the Upper East Side lady with a hip-hop twist. I adore the idea of fusing Parisian haute couture with downtown rock n' roll sensibilities." 

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